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Running an Efficient Operation

Making sure your insurance agency is running efficiently should be a top priority. It’s time to take a look at your internal operations to pinpoint areas that may need improvement. Ask yourself these questions:


Are my agents well-trained?

Having agents that are well-trained goes a long way and helps to avoid claims against your company.


Is the business technologically adept?

This is a huge component of the business. Are your processes streamlined and integrated so that everything runs smoothly? How about your software? Is it up-to-date or archaic? Are your agents using apps and other smart tools in the field to make their jobs easier?


Is information easily accessible to the agents and clients?

This goes back to your processes. How do they work? Can your clients access their information by computer, or do they have to trek into the office each and every time they need assistance?


Is my overhead acceptable?

This could include product leases or contracts that need to be renegotiated.


Are the clients happy?

Number one! Happy clients mean repeat business. The American Agents Alliance can help get you on the right track. Contact a representative to increase your efficiency today!

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