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Safety Conscious: Insurance Marketing to Clients with Children

Parents of young children are busy people. They’re juggling careers while caring for children at the same time. They need to research and act on that research quickly. Sometimes, important tasks drop off their plates as they struggle to keep up with their daily routines. Insurance marketing to safety-conscious clients needs to happen in quick, high-impact bits that keep their attention and give them actions that they can take to improve their family’s insurance situation.


House Insurance and Home and Garden Safety 

Parents of young children think about the safety of their home and garden. They toddler-proof staircases and try to make sure that there aren’t any poisonous plants in the garden. However, when they move or have changes in their living arrangements, they sometimes forget to properly insure their homes. This means that if a fire or other disaster were to occur, these families would be left struggling to renovate a damaged home or replace their belongings.

When you’re insurance marketing to families of young children, frame insurance as one of the many ways to protect their home. Create content on other home safety topics of interest, such as preventing poisoning or landscaping in a way that’s safe for children. If these are not your areas of expertise, partner with a landscaping company or poison control to add guest content to your site.

As children move into school and enjoy community events, these are also opportunities to market to parents. Sponsor the soccer team or have a float in the parade. Parents who see you as a community-minded insurance agency are more likely to turn to you for their insurance needs.


Auto Insurance and Auto Safety

While young children aren’t driving yet, you can still market to parents of young children with their children in mind. From car seats to the overall collision safety of their vehicle, parents of young children think a lot about how safe their children are in the car. As an insurance agency, you can benefit from this marketing opportunity. For example, you could partner with a local car seat safety technician to offer a free car seat check and use the opportunity to establish your community reputation and sell new auto insurance or other insurance products. You can also educate families through short blogs and videos that they can share on parenting groups such as Facebook groups. For instance, according to Consumer Reports, “a bulky coat and a car seat is a dangerous combination.” Sharing this kind of information with parents on social media can help you establish yourself as an expert in the field.


Pet Insurance For Young Families 

Many young families get a cat or a dog before their children are born, but others decide to purchase a pet because their children would like one. However, vet bills can be difficult to afford, especially for families who are paying for child care, saving for education, and purchasing items for their children. Pet insurance can offer families some financial security during this time.

At American Agents Alliance, we’re here to help you market to many diverse audiences. Are you ready to market to clients with young children? Learn about insurance marketing strategies through our continuing education opportunities and reach out to others in the field at our annual insurance conference in Palm Desert. The American Agents Alliance Convention & Expo is the largest P&C insurance conference in the west.

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