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Seal the Deal on Life Insurance Policies

When customers walk through your door, it’s easy to sell them on common coverage such as home and car insurance because state laws and/or financial institutions often require both of these policies. However, with other services such as life insurance or renters insurance, it isn’t as easy to get customers to sign on the dotted line.

As an insurance agent not only do you need to tell customers that they need a particular policy, but also convince them why they need it. Specifically, with a policy as murky and complex as life insurance, it may take a bit more persuasion than usual. Life insurance is a policy that people know about and are aware of, but many may sometimes lack the information required to convince them to buy it. As an insurance agent, this is where you swoop in and allow customers to understand why they need a policy as important as life insurance.

  • Helps in the adjustment period: If the primary financial provider of a family passes away, life insurance is there to make sure that the transition goes smoothly for everyone. When an important family member passes away things can be rocky for the family as a whole, but a reliable life insurance policy will prevent this.

  • Provides for financial goals: While life insurance will provide income to surviving members of the family, this policy can also assist in long-term financial goals. Whether it is college tuition or a mortgage, life insurance can cater to specific needs such as these.

  • Taxes and debt: Perhaps the most significant benefit life insurance offers is paying off any taxes, such as estate taxes, following the death of a family member. Before the heirs of the deceased family member can inherit assets, estate taxes must be paid off in full and life insurance can assist with that.

Before even thinking about purchasing life insurance it’s important to customers that they know exactly what they are buying. At our agency, we know that CA life insurance is a tough sell unless we lay it out in terms and conditions people can not only understand but relate to as well. Remember, life insurance isn’t just a product; it’s an investment for the financial security and future of a family.

About the Author: Rick Pedevill is Agency Principal at PTL Insurance Brokers located in Covina, California.

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