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Optimizing your website SEO will greatly benefit your marketing reach

Can People Find Your Agency on Google?

We provide insurance agents with an inclusive set of tools to considerably improve your local visibility. These tools include:

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Technical SEO fixes
  • Help with Site Speed Issues
  • High Quality Backlinks

Targeted SEO For Insruance Agents

With our new SEO services, you’ll be able to improve your brand’s image and your site’s search engine performance to considerably increase visitors, and revenue potential.

Onsite Optimization For Your Site

Onsite optimization is a key metric in improving your site’s online performance and search engine rankings. It involves ensuring that your site’s:

  • URL’s, meta description, header, title, and alt (image) tags, anchor texts for internal and external links, and image file names are all relevant and highly keyword focused
  • On page content is unique, topical and authoritative with optimal keyword placement and density
  • HTML and other coding (Java Script, CSS etc.) all works correctly and efficiently

Technical SEO Fixes

Technical SEO fixes include identifying and resolving the following types of site issues, all of which impact the effectiveness and performance of your site: 

  • 404 errors
  • problems with the sitemap XML
  • unfriendly mobile user experience
  • site speed
  • migration
  • incorrect or unoptimized URL’s
  • internal links
  • irrelevant and/or ‘thin’ content
  • robots.txt file
  • canonical tags
  • robots tags
  • crawl budget
  • “on page” markup

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