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Seven Old-School Ways to Market Your Agency

Old-school methods still work to market insurance agencies. In fact, many of them work much better than popular, high-tech Internet, social media, and mobile apps.

Imagine that there is no Internet. How much would it change how you market your agency? Better yet, how much should it change how you market your agency?

What? No Internet?

The chief value of the Internet is, arguably, to connect with the companies your agency represents. It can help direct current policy owners who move into town to your agency. It can be a means of communication with your current customers. Ultimately, however, it is a passive tool that is likely no match for active marketing programs.

Number One: Be Your Agency

If your name is Jeff Montgomery, the first words that should come to mind when people hear your name are “Jeff Montgomery, insurance agent.” Introduce yourself to everyone you meet. You don’t necessarily have to tell them that you are an agent. You can ask them what they do for a living. More often than not, they will not only answer your question, but they’ll ask the same question of you. The point is that, at a minimum, all the people you meet should identify you as your agency.

Number Two: Be Ubiquitous

Be a social butterfly. Attend every local event you can, regardless of the size of the event. Attend everything from Little League games to fall festivals. Show up for public and private school plays and athletics. Walk through craft shows, whether you like crafts or not. Get known at local restaurants. Become a familiar face.

Number Three: Be a Joiner

Join and become actively involved in the Chamber of Commerce and local chapters of service clubs, like Rotary or Kiwanis.

Number Four: Be a Supporter

Your support of important community, regional or national causes like Wounded Warriors, Walk for Life and others demonstrate a heart for people while giving you and your agency greater visibility.

Number Five: Be a Sponsor

Get your agency’s name in front of people. Sponsor a soccer team, a youth football team, or a youth baseball team. Get your name on their shirts. Sponsor community events. Your name in program booklets and banners shows that you are willing to invest in your community. That’s when your community will be willing to invest in you.

Number Six: Be a Publicity Hound

There is a lot of free publicity available that often goes unnoticed. Connect with the local newspaper to write a weekly column about insurance. Become a regular guest on local morning TV. Producers are begging for people to fill airtime. Make friends with members of the local media. They’ll think about you when they need to interview someone on matters related to your expertise.

Number Seven: Be Gracious to Everyone

Be more than congenial. Be kind to everyone you meet. People are attracted to kindness, because they are not used to it – and they like it. After all, isn’t attracting people what marketing is about?

Don’t get overly enamored with all the “new” marketing methods. They are often beneficial, but the fact remains that the “old-school” approaches are still the foundation of a successful agency.

Bonus Tip: Run out of business cards – over and over and over again.

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