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Sharing Your Home: Insurance Marketing to Clients With Young Adults

As an insurance company, you think of parents as one of your key demographics. After all, parents have insurance needs that can differ substantially from the needs of those without children. For example, children need health insurance, parents need life insurance, and your insurance clients make different home, auto, and tenant insurance choices because they are parents. As those children grow, your insurance clients have different needs, and your insurance marketing needs to vary as well. Remember that clients with young adult children are still parents, and market to this demographic as you develop parent-oriented insurance marketing strategies.


What Are The Insurance Needs of Parent of Young Adults?  

The parents of young adults are at a crossroads: they’re parents, but their children are becoming more independent. Those young adults are becoming drivers, college students, and professionals. Home and family are very important to these budding empty-nesters, but they’re also looking at how their own needs for health insurance, life insurance, and travel insurance will change as their children grow older.


Helping Parents Support Their Young Adults 

However, parents of young adults are often quite active in their children’s lives, and their millennial children are not always out of the nest. According to The Atlantic, “for the first time on record going back more than a century, young people are now more likely to live with their parents than with a spouse.” Millennials are far less likely to be homeowners. This highly mobile population isn’t getting married and settling down right out of college. They’re more likely to move from job to job, hold multiple jobs, and travel. They believe in sharing rather than ownership, and they’re often sharing a home, a car, and other belongings with relatives and friends.


Insurance Marketing to Clients With Young Adults 

When you’re marketing to clients with young adults, you need to market to them as individual parents and to them as parents who are working to support their young adult children. How can you successfully market to this audience?

  • Recognize that they are diverse. Some parents of young adults could be helping their 19-year-old investigate tenant insurance, while other parents of young adults need to make sure that their children in their mid-twenties are covered by their auto insurance when they return home after college.
  • Know that you need to speak to both audiences in marketing venues that feel comfortable to both parents and their young adult children. Look at social media marketing that has a wide audience, such as Facebook.
  • Make it easy for parents and children to send each other information. Place your information online so that parents can use it as a resource to send to their children.
  • Provide information that’s easy to digest and accessible to meet an audience of busy parents and their marketing-savvy young adults. Blog posts with infographics or video work well for this audience.
  • Look to inbound marketing rather than traditional advertising: while traditional outbound methods might draw in the parents, according to Hubspot, Millennials “want to feel connected and involved when it comes to their purchases. Show Millennials how you’re part of their community, and connect with them through information such as a move-out starter kit or video rather than through outbound advertising.
  • Show parents a path to launching their children as tenants or vehicle owners, and give them other paths that show how they can keep their young adult children on their own insurance and share their home and vehicle with their children.


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