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Sharing Your Insurance Success Stories

Every insurance agency has a good success story – probably many! Nothing grows a business better than word-of-mouth. As a matter of fact, word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing strategy for small businesses.  In today’s world of hyper-connectivity, more and more people are looking for reviews and testimonials before making a purchase.

When potential customers read about another satisfied client’s experience with purchasing or using insurance through your agency, it provides a sense of confidence in the coverage and services your business offers. An insurance policy is a much-needed security during times of trouble.  No one ever expects to use their coverage, but all are grateful for the benefits received when facing the unexpected.  Though a satisfied customer is likely to remain loyal to your agency, each success story is an opportunity to spread the word about your insurance business and how it affects the lives of people within your community.

There is no need to worry about what you will say to find new customers when you let a happy client share their story; the testimonial does the talking for you.


Finding Testimonials

Before you can share a testimonial, you must first acquire them.  There are several ways of doing so, whether it’s asking for a quick survey after selling a policy or scouring popular review websites for customer praises about your business.  If you know of a long-time client who has been satisfied with coverage or even needed to file a claim, do not be hesitant to reach out to that person and ask for a testimonial of his or her experience. A good testimonial is one that presents a problem a customer had, whether it was not being able to afford insurance before or experiencing an unfortunate event, such as a car accident or house fire.  Ask clients to share how they felt in those moments.  A testimonial should also include the ways your business provided support, whether by finding affordable coverage or by selling a policy that provided financial benefits for unexpected circumstances.


Spreading the Word

There are several ways you can share positive testimonials with your current and potential customers.  Put simply, your agency could be benefiting from the power of insurance success stories anywhere you promote your business.  For example, if your agency sends out a traditional newsletter, whether via mail or email, include at least one success story in each issue, and highlight it in a prominent area.  If your business has a blog, highlight your most inspiring stories there, and share links to the post on your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook.

An even more powerful tool is a video testimonial, which is more likely to be watched than a written testimonial to be read.  When you record your customers sharing their experiences with your insurance company, the video puts faces and real emotions to the names and stories shared with others.  It’s easy to post a video testimonial to YouTube and share it on your blog and with social media followers.  You can also play video testimonials on a loop in your office, so that customers hear about positive experiences while waiting to meet with an insurance agent.

Be sure to take some time to follow these tips for sharing your insurance success stories!

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