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Should You Focus on Those Who Yell the Loudest?

Clients are complex. They come with unique histories and needs. In every group of clients, there are a few who are more vocal than others. They may ask a lot of questions, or they could complain a lot as well. If you have clients who are chronically dissatisfied or need a lot of support, how much energy should you spend on them, and how much should you spend on insurance agency marketing for the rest of your clients?


Listen to Complaints 

Sometimes, those complaining customers give voice to what many of the quieter ones are thinking. Those quiet clients may just drift away instead of complaining. According to HelpSpot, “they’re probably speaking for many customers that, rather than feel angry at your product, are instead just becoming apathetic.” Let your complainers know that you’re listening and that you appreciate their feedback; then use that feedback to make your business better.


Reach Out to Your Quiet Clients 

While there are certainly some clients who complain loudly and immediately about any kind of problem that they have with your agency, others never talk with you at all. They just renew their insurance and go on their way.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are happy. In fact, according to Customer Service Life, businesses generally have “a whole group of customers that may be too busy to call customer service.” They don’t think that their problems with your company are large enough to make a call. If they’re quietly having concerns about your company or their coverage, that could be enough for them to quietly slip away as well.


Ask Them Specific Questions 

Instead of having specific complaints, your quiet clients could have vague needs and wants. Check in with them and try to pin these needs and wants down into specific changes that you could make at your agency. For instance, if they would like more information about their coverage but they don’t always have the time to call you, is there a way that you can make the details of their coverage more accessible to them?


Boost Your Business

Reaching out to past clients or current ones is the best way to build your business. You’ll learn more about your clients’ needs, get feedback that can help you improve your agency, and make a connection with clients who might be surprised to hear from you personally.

Every one of your clients has something to say to you, whether it’s about what they love about your agency or about the small problems that they have with your website. Through surveys, focus groups, and even calls and emails to your clients, you’ll learn more about the needs of every one of those who connect with your agency.

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