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Should Your Agency Automate Email Marketing? Here’s How to Know


  • If your agency is understaffed, automated email marketing can free up some staff hours.
  • Automated email marketing can help you keep up with the competition.
  • Automated email marketing can organize and optimize your agency’s marketing strategy.

You know that email can be a valuable tool for growing and building your business. But at what point do you need to stop doing your email marketing yourself and start automating the process? Take a look at what you need to know about the signs that you’re ready for automated email marketing.


You Don’t Have Enough Staff to Keep Up 

Most agencies reach this point eventually: There’s not enough money in the budget for new employees, but the employees you do have are already stretched too thin.

Automating your email process can help with that. Instead of spending time on repetitive or rote tasks, they will be able to focus their efforts on work that is more productive and actually needs the oversight of your employee. Automation reduces wasted time and also gives staff more time to focus on more important business.


You’re Not Keeping Up with the Competition

Part of good market research is keeping an eye on what the other guys are doing. You need to know whether or not your agency’s efforts are keeping up with your competitors’. And if you can see that your competition is everywhere on the internet, has built communities, and in general, seems to be doing much more marketing than you are, it’s time to ramp up your efforts.

Automated email marketing can help you do that. You can bet that your competitors are using it. It can help you launch new campaigns, nurture the relationship with both existing and potential clients, and increase your engagement in the community. It will help level the playing field between you and the competitors that you’re seeing everywhere.

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Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Organized

Not everyone needs the same message at the same time. No one needs a renewal reminder a week after they receive an onboarding email. Even if the problem isn’t that extreme, you might still end up sending reminders to clients who don’t need them, event information to clients who don’t want them, multiple policy updates to the same client, and so on.

You never want to annoy a client with your email marketing. That means sending them the information they need and want, but not sending them duplicates or things that they’ve opted out of. If you find this happening, it’s a good sign that your email marketing has either grown past the point of being manageable without automation or that your approach is too disorganized and needs an automated system that will help you organize it and make it more manageable.

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