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Simple Marketing Strategies That You May Have Forgotten

How are you doing your insurance marketing? If you’re doing it with a big splash, remember that little ripples add up as well. You don’t always need to feel the pressure to be amazingly innovative with your insurance marketing: these simple, tried and true solutions could be just the areas that you need to focus on right now.


1. Make Sure Your Products Fit Your Market 

One of the key marketing strategies is one that’s often forgotten in a whirlwind of larger marketing plans. What is your product, and how does it fit the marketplace? Differentiating your product and ensuring that it is really what people need will help you sell more insurance. According to Inc, “the opportunity for differentiation relates to perceptions about quality, value, features, and functions.” If you find that your sales have slowed down, make sure that your insurance products not only match what people need but that people know exactly how they fit into their needs.


2. Recruit More Referrals 

Word of mouth can be the most powerful way to build your insurance business. Unfortunately, it can also be the easiest way that others can bring down your insurance business if they have a bad experience. First, make sure that you’re focused on customer service. Be prepared to give a little when people need flexibility and go above and beyond for your customers, and you’ll acquire a reputation for being a caring company. Encourage your customers to give you referrals by adding an incentive or giving them a gift when they refer someone to you. If you can, thank them directly with a note or a card.


3. Adapt Your Email Signature 

Does your email signature work for you? If not, it’s time that it did. This is so simple that you might have forgotten to do it. Add your Facebook, your latest promotion, or whatever you need to advertise into a small, simple signature line. Consider adding a helpful tip so that people will continue to read to the bottom.


4. Volunteer Your Time 

As Insurance Splash says, “the hand that gives, gathers.” While getting a return on your investment is not the only reason you should volunteer, the community connections that you get and the positive feelings that these people have about your organization are priceless. Volunteering is a form of informal networking, done in its most positive form. Those who work together can more easily build business connections together as well.


5. Make Sure Your Keywords Are In Synch

When you’re marketing online, you can create fantastic content and promotions, but if the basics such as your keywords are not in sync with your audience, then you won’t attract them as easily. For instance, if people are searching for insurance for their teen driver or seniors’ auto insurance, you’ll need to have those keywords in your online material and your advertising. If sales are slow, check to see what keywords people are using to find your website and ensure that your content is a match.


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