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Simple Social Marketing Tips for Agents

Looking to improve your insurance agency’s social presence?


Here are 10 tips you should consider:

  1. First and foremost – post often. Agents who rarely engage on their page end up being ignored, which means any effort you do expend is wasted. Sporadic posting can also make you look disinterested or unfocused.
  2. Announce local events to engage members of your community.
  3. Post photos. Weird Facebook fact: People love to look at pictures on Facebook, even when they might be bored by them in person.
  4. Connect with local businesses that also have accounts.
  5. Congratulate high school athletes, students of the month, teams or groups who participate in or in competitions – you get the idea.
  6. Post weather reports or traffic information like local construction.
  7. Report on the latest happenings at the recent city council meeting – but avoid anything political.
  8. Sponsor a contest. The prize doesn’t have to be major – a $25 gift card to a local restaurant, car wash, or other local business is ideal.
  9. Upload a photo of a client with a new car or new home – covered by a policy you wrote.
  10. Provide insurance-related tips – insuring a new driver, the benefits of extra coverage for valuables, what’s an umbrella policy, etc.


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