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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Insurance Agency

As business owners and leaders, we should always be looking for ways to take the necessary steps forward in order to improve our insurance agencies and achieve our goals. Especially with the economy the way it is, we all should be looking for advantages to help our insurance agencies grow to be the best they can be while serving our communities with the highest degree of service and satisfaction.

Here are three simple and cost-effective ways to improve upon your insurance agency:


Get your agency out there:

Whether it’s putting ads in newspapers or using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to get your company’s reputation and profile out there. It’s important to update Facebook, Twitter, and blogs often so your clients and peers see that you are not only an active, professional company – but that you are also an active, involved community influencer. The worst thing for a company is to have social media accounts that are either left barren or updated only once a week. Whether you are spreading product-specific information, such as an explanation of California earthquake insurance, or are sharing a local news story that you feel may interest your community, it’s vital to spread that information and place yourself at the forefront of your customer’s mind.


Communicate in the office:

The relationship between you and your employees is crucial to the success of your agency. Your employees need to have a sense of self-worth; they need to understand that whatever they do for the company is vital to its success. Communication between people in an office allows for a more productive environment. Keeping employees motivated and on task is especially important. Everyone in an office must understand the goals and overall mission of the agency in order for it to stay on the right track. Passion is key.


Stay positive:

The best attitude is the right attitude and perhaps should be the only attitude. Business is business, and every business goes through highs and lows. Sometimes, the lows are especially dreadful but the only way to come out of it is stay on track and have the correct attitude. Many businesses that are extremely successful today went through periods when it didn’t look like they would make it. Businesses always, always, experience negative periods. It’s up to you to guide your insurance agency through them. Obviously there are countless ways to improve a business, but following these three should put you and your agency on a solid track for the future, especially for small businesses. Right now, these are the three most important goals your insurance agency should work together to attain. As insurance agency leaders, it’s our job to keep ourselves, our employees and our business as a whole on track.


About the Author:

Gary Hall, President of Hall, Mahar & Associates, has been at the agency for 22 years. Hall, Mahar & Associates specializes in business and personal lines of insurance in California.

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