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Simplifying Communication for Growing Agencies: Multi-Location and Multi-Brand Support Through Fuse

As insurance agencies grow, it’s only natural for new challenges to arise, especially when it comes to communication.

New offices and acquisitions come with new clients, brands, and locations. Ensuring the accuracy of contact information, logos, and campaigns for each brand is both time-consuming and inefficient.

At Agency Revolution, our goal is to make your life easier by providing the best marketing tools and training available. To help resolve growing communication challenges, we have updated Fuse™ – our intelligent automation platform – to support multi-location and multi-brand insurance agencies. Read on to learn more about this new update and discover what Fuse™ can do for your agency.


How Does the New Update Work?

Fuse’s new multi-location and multi-brand update simplifies your communication process while ensuring accuracy. Personalized communication and campaigns are automatically adjusted to fit the correct location and brand. Here’s how Fuse’s new update works:


Establish Location and Brand Settings

Start by pulling information from your Agency Management System to define locations, logos, and sender identities for all associated offices and brands. These settings ensure that automated communication contains accurate information without requiring additional edits.


Direct Users to the Correct Pages and Content

Once you determine the correct information for each location, all emails will automatically adjust content to route to the proper source. Social media buttons will lead to relevant social media pages, while links will refer to the correct NPS surveys and websites.


Maintain Client-Agent Communication

Email recipients can rest assured that communications will be sent to the right customer and come from the right agent. Agent and office contact information will also update to reflect the correct phone number, email address, and office locations.


Managing Multiple Locations and Brands with Ease

Fuse’s new update streamlines communication while making it easier to manage and automate multiple locations and brands.

Growing agencies – especially those experiencing mergers and acquisitions – will find these features save both time and effort by improving accuracy and easing the complexities inherent to growth.


Marketing Automation Without Compromise

With Fuse, your agency receives the marketing tools and support you need to attract and retain customers without compromising personalization. Multi-location and multi-brand support is just one of the many benefits. As a Fuse customer, you’ll receive:

  • AMS integration: Easily transfer and track information between your agency management system and Fuse.
  • Marketing automation: Personalized communication, automatically delivered to your customers’ through their preferred communication method. Plus, your staff will receive alerts whenever a change occurs to your accounts, policies, and claims.
  • Pre-Built Campaigns: From welcome kits to NPS surveys, save time with pre-built campaigns designed to cover any situation.
  • Multi-platform capabilities: All communication through Fuse arrives through your customers’ preferred method – email, text, or direct mail.

Alongside these features, Fuse users also gain access to the Business Insights Dashboard. This powerful tool breaks down valuable customer information to measure the success of your campaigns.


Curious about what else Fuse can do? Visit our solutions page to learn more, and sign up for a demo to see what Agency Revolution can do for your agency.

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