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Social Media Lowers the Barriers of Traditional Cold Calls

Imagine a way where you could obtain potential leads without having to make one single cold call.

Well, fortunately for you, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to connect directly with people who may be in the market for the services provided by your agency.

The benefit of using social media to prospect leads is that you have the ability to contact interested parties who may be looking for a particular policy package—immediately.

Social networking is all about connecting with people and joining an ongoing conversation in real-time. The social media community that you build up – consisting of “fans” and “followers” – acts like a lead sheet for you to call; if done well you can talk to these people directly and eliminate the barrier of the traditional cold call. Using social media can actually be an effective way to bring the leads directly to you. Use your Facebook Fan Page as a way to engage potential and existing customers and provide valuable information.

Existing customers will like the fact that you are easily accessible within the social community. Potential customers will see that you have your finger on the pulse of the community; you are listening to your clients and providing excellent customer service in a new and exciting way.

Social media also allows you to show your agency from a different angle. More than likely the image and tone of your website is very professional. Your social profiles allow you to show people a lighter side of your agency; providing you the opportunity to humanize your business.

The “network” aspect of social media is where your business can benefit the most. You have a tool that gives you a direct line of contact to people that could potentially be interested in your product and allows you to gain a little insight in regards to common, shared interests—again something that the traditional cold call often cannot. Social media for businesses is all about providing a perceived value for your followers.

You must walk a fine line of keeping your customers updated but not being too self-promotional. For example, if you are an agency that specializes in California contractors insurance, you should occasionally remind your followers of why you are the best at what you do, but you should also offer information that is useful and applicable to their daily lives, not just promoting your business. Granted, Facebook and Twitter will not replace all of your other prospecting efforts, but social media is a fast and dependable tool to collect information about your customer base.

Use the information you collect to better serve your customers. Answer questions, ask questions, be involved and the rest will take care of itself.

About the Author: George Francis, President and CEO at Alta Vista Insurance Agency, started his agency in 1989 and has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years.

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