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Social Media Tips to Gain More Followers Part 2

In the second part of the series, we’ll share three more tips to generate more followers to your social media networks. Check out part one, for the first two tips.

#3: Embrace the #hashtag.
Using a Hashtag increases the chances of your tweet getting found. If you are discussing insurance, hashtag it. #Insurance may lead to others who are interested in insurance to your tweet, leading them to your page, and ultimately leading them to follow you. You may even want to consider hashtagging the town, city or state you are targeting.

#4: Say hello and thank you to new followers.
If someone follows you, introduce yourself! Something as simple as “Hey @username, thanks for following – looking forward to your tweets!” will start the conversation and open the door for a response. It is a great way to brand yourself and agency, as well.

#5: Spread the words of others.
Tweeters LOVE RTs and even “Favorites.” If something intrigues you that someone tweets, why not RT? This is a great way to show your followers and even those who do not follow that you are active and appreciate their posts. If the user does not follow you, this could potentially lead to a follow. Just remember: tweeting or RTing too much could also have a reverse effect, so do so wisely and sparingly. These tips have helped our agency, immensely. By following them, your own Twitter page may begin to notice an increase each and every week. Exciting! One last thing to remember: The quality of your followers is important. While you do want to increase quantity (of course,) you do want to be careful with who you choose to add, follower and connect with. Having hundreds of “spammy” Twitter accounts following you will not do you any good! Be sure these followers are real and sincere – this will make it much more likely to gain internet leads and of course, build a solid relationship with a local business, individual or client. Good luck!

About the Author: Lloyd Pro Group is an Atlanta-based insurance agency started in 1985. It now serves more than 15,000 clients various personal lines and business lines of insurance and services. The agency is dedicated to providing a customized approach and anticipating their clients’ needs to develop proactive risk transferring strategies.

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