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Discover Ideal Clients, in Real-Life Moments, and Build Your Book Faster

Socialeads is the world’s most human AI referral engine, connecting you with ideal prospects at the most opportune times. Built for the modern sales professional in finance and insurance, our cutting edge technology means better close rates and better sleep.

How does it work?
Socialeads AI thinks like an experienced sales person, focusing on the right leads at the right life stages. This smarter lead generation, based on life events, means better prospects who are experiencing expertly detected life events which they’ve publicly shared on social media, making it easy for you to reach out at the most optimal time. 

What data do I get?
You’ll receive their name, most relevant life event(s), photo, insights, and contact data such as their phone number(s), email address(s), LinkedIn profile, etc.

Experience with Confidence

  • Compliant and secured participating partner
  • Special rates for new agents – as low as $480
  • Dedicated client success manager
  • Uniquely curated lead list that’s personalized to you
  • And much more!

Member Benefit

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E&O Insurance for Insurance Agents

  • A-rated & admitted carrier
  • Special rates for new agents – as low as $650
  • No fee monthly payment plans
  • Cyber liability extension included
  • Affordable premiums
  • First dollar defense; deductible applies to damages only
  • And much more!

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