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Spring Into Insurance Marketing

Is it time to put a spring into your insurance marketing step? When Spring is here, you can count on the growth of specific insurance marketing opportunities. Here’s how to capitalize on these emerging seasonal openings to build your insurance business.


Home Insurance

If it’s been a long, hard winter full of storms, then the Spring is a time for homeowners to reflect on their home insurance. Is it adequate for their needs? As the snow melts and damage becomes apparent, homeowners begin to take on tasks such as repairing damaged roofs. This is a promising time to remind homeowners that they need house insurance to protect them from future storms.


Watching the Weather

As homeowners recover from winter storms, Spring is a time to continue to watch the weather. Any upcoming weather events on the horizon give you the opportunity to help your insurance clients with home safety and insurance tips. For instance, a damaging Spring hail storm is an opportunity to talk about keeping your home and garden safe.


Flood Insurance

Flooding isn’t typically covered by homeowners policies, so Spring is a good time to bring this up. Between snow melt and Spring rains, flooding can occur around homes in the spring months. Draw homeowners’ attention to strategies that can keep their home safe in the Springtime, such as flood insurance.


Spring Cleaning

Out with the old and in with the new. Although the new year is one time to make resolutions, Springtime is another natural opportunity to do so. In the Spring, your insurance customers are ready to make new decisions about their homes. They may decide to clean, to sell, or to renovate. Be clear about the ways in which your insurance can protect their new investments in the home.


Future Plans

In the Spring, many prospective college students receive acceptance letters. This is a time of change for families. These students and their families not only need to decide about moving, they also need to consider insurance. For example, students will need to check to ensure that they will be covered under their parents’ health insurance, and they need to make sure that they have tenants’ insurance for their first rental apartment.


Insurance for New Drivers

New drivers may not be keen to begin driving in the winter, but as Spring comes with more light and less snow, they’re ready to leap into the driving scene. Spring and Summer are easier times to learn how to drive. Reach out to families with teens and to new drivers in general with options for auto insurance.


Seasonal Events

From the Oscars at the tail end of winter to Memorial Day, Spring is a time of many different seasonal events, and each of these is an opportunity to engage in insurance marketing. For example, the Memorial Day weekend is often an opportunity to crank up the barbecue, so families need to be aware of home and garden fire safety. Turn to seasonal events with an insurance eye and make the most out of these annual marketing opportunities.

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