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Tactics for Getting More Facebook Users to Like Your Agency Page

When you work for a busy agency, like ours, it can be difficult finding the time to dedicate to a social media presence. The results, however, are worth it. Even if it doesn’t generate customers right away, social media can expand your presence and help people take notice of your agency.

So how do you get started? Here are some principles our agency follows to generate more and more Facebook likes. We have over 550 and counting!

  • Don’t post about insurance too much. Social media is about sharing interesting facts, news, opinions, and fun with prospects, not beating a sales message into their heads. That’s the quickest way to lose social media followers.
  • Don’t OVER post. Aim to post one to three times per day on your agency’s social media accounts. It’s okay to do less, but try not to let it drop below four times per week on each account.
  • We find that posting about local news that matters to us really engages our audience on Facebook.
  • We also find that posting pictures of our office staff, office recognition, and office participation in the community gets a lot of engagement.
  • Always post a link to your blog posts on your agency’s social media accounts. This will help drive traffic to your blog.
  • We also find time to post insurance-related news to help brand our agency’s expertise. Those posts may get less engagement from our followers but are a necessary branding tool. It’s also important to find and like area businesses’ Facebook pages. Find out if there’s a way to partner with them on contests and such to drive traffic to each other and gain for Facebook followers. It may take a little extra time and effort, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.


About the Author: Will Penny is the third-generation President of Penny Insurance Agency in Hendersonville, North Carolina. His agency was Rough Notes Magazine’s E-Marketing Agent of the Month in March 2010 and he has been featured in online marketing videos for Insurance Journal and National Underwriter. His agency is proud to provide personal and business insurance for Asheville, NC residents, and residents throughout the Carolinas.

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