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The Basics of Content Strategy

Unless you have done zero inbound marketing for your insurance agency, you likely have heard a lot about the term “content strategy.” Understanding what content strategy is and why it is important will help you reach those ever-important new insurance clients.

What is Content Strategy?

Understanding the basics of content strategy means first understanding WHY content is so important. With any type of inbound marketing program, quality content is important. Good content will drive clients to find your webpage through a number of ways—through search engine optimization, social media sharing and internal linking just to name a few. Since quality content is important, planning for how you’ll develop it and when you will publish it is obviously important too.

Developing a Basic Content Strategy

The key to creating a basic content strategy is determining what will work best for YOUR agency. Research what keywords you want to try to rank high for on the major search engines and plan to develop content around these terms. How often do you want to publish? Creating a regular schedule and sticking to it is vital. Just as important as placing the content on your site is working offsite too. Using your social media contacts to share your content is important. If you don’t have time to take care of these tasks yourself, there are a number of programs available both paid and free that can automate it. Additionally, you may want to look at creating and marketing offsite content as well. Once you do a little research and establish what works for you and you put your content strategy into place, you’re on your way to reaching new heights! Let your content be heard and shared; it WILL help you grow your agency, build your brand and get your name out there.

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