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The Benefits of Continuing Education Courses

Who needs an education? We all do, and what's more, we need it continuously. As an agency owner with employees you are constantly learning and growing in the industry.  When you and your employees want your insurance business to move forward, you need to invest in continuing education. 

The Benefits of Continuing Education

Why implement a continuing education program or encourage your employees to pursue insurance continuing education courses? When you're investing in continuing education, you have the ability to fill some of the gaps in your workplace's skills and knowledge. This ranges from the knowledge about how to communicate well with customers, skills like digital literacy, and industry-specific knowledge and designations. If you don't have a position open, but you need a specific job to get done, you can work with your existing employees to help them become stronger in that particular area of need. Continuing education is an investment not only in yourself, but also in your employees, particularly when it specifically addresses your employees' stated needs. Your employees see your agency as a place where they can grow in their skills and in their knowledge of the industry.

When you're encouraging your employees to embark on a continuing education program, you need to ensure that these programs are targeted toward your employees' needs and your agency needs. You might need to train a new employee to specialize in flood insurance and require a course that focuses on this area, or you might want all of your employees to ensure that they're up to date with the current ethical issues in the insurance field. Refresher courses can update your employees who may need a check-in with the current status of the industry or who are shifting areas within your business.

Striving to Achieve

If you're looking for convenience and flexibility and a course that doesn't interfere with the flow of the work day, the American Agents Alliance offers a discount on online CE courses for members.  If you want to take it a step further and earn a professional designation, members also have access to discounts with The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. Professional designations show that your employees have a higher level of personal knowledge and can give you and your agency an edge in the field. 

When you're working to become a leader in the insurance field, contact the American Agents Alliance. We can help your insurance agency find the insurance continuing education courses that are right for you and, with your membership benefits, you'll have access to our insurance education discounts.

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