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The Best Just Got Better: Introducing FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating

As the technology partner of choice for over 20,000 agencies across the country, including 5,000 California agents, we know what it’s like to be an independent agent. Your world is full of challenges: competition from direct writers and captive agencies, managing the day-to-day of your business, keeping abreast of the ever-changing landscape of government regulations on the insurance industry, and much more. You want to spend your time focusing on your customers, growing your business, and allowing your employees to do the same. That’s where having a best-in-class technology partner really makes the difference.

Last year, we made great strides towards continuing our commitment to be your trusted partner for years to come. In 2018, we released several major product updates and enhancements that increased productivity and gave our customers an all-around better experience. We also drastically reduced hold times for speaking with live support agents, brought back online chat support, and introduced VICKI, our support chatbot who can answer about 40% of the most common questions we get from customers, 24/7, without any wait time.

This year, we’re committed to leading the way when it comes to being your technology partner. Being “good enough” is never good enough for us because that’s not good enough for you. Getting better every day is not just a tagline here; our employees embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement and we’re always asking for your feedback on how to make our products even better.

Along those lines, one significant improvement we think you’ll be excited about in 2019 is the upgrade available for all FSC Rater customers to what we believe is the most comprehensive personal lines rating system available on the market: FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating. The great news for current FSC Rater customers is that this upgrade will have no impact on licensing of your current FSC product, yet will incorporate much more functionality in the upgraded web-based platform.

If you aren’t using one of our rating solutions already, we’d welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating can satisfy your CA rating needs, along with availability in 48 states and the District of Columbia, making it a seamless and dynamic rating solution for your personal lines sales and rating needs.

Whether you’ve been with us for years, are a new customer, or maybe just considering which of our solutions might be right for you, we look forward to seeing you at the American Agents Alliance conference this year! Stop by booth # 407 or learn more on our website at

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