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The Importance of Agency Carrier Partnerships With Preferred Market Carriers

A great way to build your agency is by partnering with preferred market carriers. Agency carrier partnerships are a popular way to quickly build your book of business. Consider how having many different options to give your policyholders could expand your business.

It can be time-consuming and expensive to vet many different partners, though. And many agencies are too small to be considered for individual partnerships with the major carriers. That’s why partnering with a group like the American Agents Alliance and joining its preferred market access program can benefit agencies.

The American Agents Alliance offers access to our preferred market carrier program to our California-based members. Read on to learn more about how preferred carrier partners can help strengthen your agency, then contact us to become a member!


Agency Carrier Partnerships Strengthen Your Business

By joining the American Agents Alliance’s preferred market access program you’re taking a big step toward securing your agency’s future. Having strong partners benefits you in several ways:


Financial security.

Deciding who to partner with is a big decision. You want partners who will be around in the future to pay claims and to maintain a long-term relationship. This means financial strength is critical. But researching all the different carriers out there and making a determination on their solvency can be time-consuming work. We’ve done the research to ensure our carrier partners are solvent and have the highest rankings with credit rating agencies. By reviewing metrics like AM Best, we can assess short-term and long-term solvency.


The best customer experience.

Your policyholders deserve the best customer experience possible. Your agency works hard to provide excellent service —it only makes sense that your carrier partners reflect the same service philosophy. When you join the preferred markets access program through the American Agents Alliance, you’re joining vetted carrier partners with a history of great customer service. Happy customers are more likely to remain as customers, so getting the customer experience right is critical. Strong agency carrier partnerships benefit everyone by linking strong carriers with policyholders through your agency.


Selective partnerships create value.

The more the merrier is the old saying, but it isn’t always true when it comes to carrier partnerships. You want the right number of preferred carrier partners, and more isn’t always best. The 80/20 rule still loosely applies here – about 80% of your business may rest with about 20% of your partners. Diversity is important and having options helps you as an independent agent. But add too many partners and it gets confusing. Our selective partnerships mean you have access to the best streamlined and vetted options.


Name-brand recognition promotes trust.

Partnering with brands people know and trust means they may also trust you by extension. Name-brand recognition can give you more credibility —especially if you are a new agency —when customers see your list of partners. Gain a competitive advantage through agency carrier partnerships.


Join the Preferred Market Access Program Today

Once you become a member of the American Agents Alliance and join our preferred market access program we are here to support you at every turn. What you’ll get:

  • We’ll underwrite and help guide you with every submission
  • You can ask us any questions and get helpful, knowledgeable service
  • You’ll learn how to build a profitable agency by partnering with quality carriers
  • You’ll grow a solid book of business to be proud of

If you’re in California, don’t miss out on this great program to help build your agency! Contact us today to learn more.

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