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The Importance of Networking

It is often said that successful insurance agents know the industry hinges on building relationships. However, while client-agent relationships are key, many agents and brokers forget to cultivate professional relationships.

There is nothing like professional networking to help you develop strong ties with colleagues with whom you may one day collaborate or share referrals. Professional networking can lead to new job opportunities, or, if you own your agency, new employees. They can help you stay on top of a changing industry by keeping you in the loop.

There are many ways to develop professional ties, not least of which is attending industry conferences and conventions. Look to the American Agents Alliance as a place to start. We host local meetings throughout the year that are a great opportunity for insurance agents & brokers to network with industry peers and company reps.

Don't neglect your local chamber of commerce or merchants association either. These groups often include a number of people in the industry as members. They, too, host a wide variety of gatherings, from ribbon-cuttings to professional development seminars.

Join American Agents Alliance, and stay connected, while hearing the latest industry news and information from expert speakers.

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