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The Insider’s Guide to Networking Success

Some people seem like natural networkers, easily working a room and talking with anyone they meet. But for most people, networking success can be a challenge to overcome. Learn how to be comfortable at industry events with our networking tips, then put them into action at the American Agents Alliance 2024 Conference & Expo in September.


The Secrets of Networking Success at Industry Events

Networking success goes beyond simply exchanging business cards at an event. Building a relationship that will turn into a useful connection for both parties takes some effort and strategy. Consider these ideas to help you learn the nuances of networking success:


Identify key stakeholders and influencers before attending the event.

You may have a vague idea of your goals before the conference, but defining your strategy of which stakeholders you want to meet is an important first step in networking success. At many events, there is simply not enough time to meet all the participants, attend sessions, and peruse the vendors and exhibitions. 

You need to be strategic, and that means planning ahead. Identify the key individuals you would like to network with and make a list. Think of how you will connect with them. If the conference allows you to contact attendees in advance, set up a meeting, or request a coffee chat. Remember to be strategic as you will likely not be able to meet everyone you first identify.


Make a lasting impression on new contacts.

When meeting new people, remember to focus on the basics. Remembering a new contact’s name, making eye contact, exchanging business cards, and listening to people’s responses when you talk with them all help make a lasting impression. Be prepared with your own brief introduction, or elevator speech, when meeting new people. Tell them who you are, what you do, and what you are looking for at the event.


Connect people when it makes sense.

Consider ways you can help your new network. You may meet someone at a conference and learn more about their challenges. When you realize you know another professional who could help, introduce your network. Being in the connector role means you can provide value to new connections right away and help others solve their challenges.


Nurture new relationships post-conference.

After your event, follow up in smart ways. Don’t send a generic email blast or LinkedIn note to every person you meet. Rather, try customizing your message by continuing your conversation from the event or offering some helpful information. In networking, it is always better to offer something first before you ask for help from your network.


Attend the American Agents Alliance 2024 Conference & Expo

Practice these tips for networking success at the American Agents Alliance 2024 Conference & Expo. Held September 19-21 in Palm Desert, California, the event brings together independent agents and brokers, vendors, insurers, and other key stakeholders for education and networking in a beautiful venue. Make plans to attend now!



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