The Latest Business Trend: Customer Experience

Customer Experience is much more than a buzzword today. It speaks to each and every interaction the customer has with your company, placing a particular importance on how you do business and how that model makes your customers feel about you.

Across all industries, companies are aligning their success strategies with the customer experience—particularly online. By exceeding and redefining customer expectations, they hope to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Insurance and the Customer Experience

With continued Insurtech advances, customers have never had more freedom when it comes to choosing how and where to buy insurance. Likewise, customer expectations have never been higher.

The customer experience spans the entire insurance customer life cycle, and each step along the way provides the opportunity for agencies to demonstrate their value to clients.

Relationships are an insurance agency’s greatest asset, shaping the life-time value of customers and the long-term success of the business. Relationships stand in for your agency when you’re not around to do it yourself, reinforcing your value with clients and building your brand in the community.

But these all-important relationships take time and energy to build. As their books of business grow, agencies are finding the customer experience more and more difficult to provide. In a business where relationships are everything, what tools can agencies leverage to make these relationships scale?

Technology Supported Customer Experience

Your clients chose an independent insurance agent for a reason. They expect a hands-on customer experience and one that affirms that an experienced professional is looking out for their best interests.

EZLynx provides the complete solution you need to attract, service and retain your clients—all on ONE PLATFORM. Productivity innovations shape the way you do business, both improving customer interactions and freeing up your agency’s time to focus on the personal touches that mean so much for your continued growth.

Building relationships is a face-to-face endeavor, so your agency management system needs to be as on-the-go as you are. That’s why EZLynx is web based and built with mobile devices in mind.

A big part of the customer experience is attention to details. Agencies can submit applications, quote, create proposals, and generate ACORD forms and certificates all within EZLynx. Having these capabilities all in one place saves agencies time and reduces the potential for errors. Customers get what they want faster and can be confident in its accuracy. EZLynx Automation Center even automates many of the client-facing tasks that software can perform faster and more dependably, enhancing and strengthening customer follow-ups.

Does anything qualify the customer experience more than communication?

EZLynx Communication Center allows agents to email, text, mail and provide customers with the convenience of eSignature. By tailoring your communications to customer preferences, you ensure that customers will want to keep those lines of communication open and flowing.

When clients want 24/7/365 self-service capabilities, EZLynx Client Center is the turnkey approach to making that possible. Customers have secure access to policy documents and ID cards. They can even make policy change requests and upload claims information.

The larger your book of business grows, the more important it becomes to retain the clients you worked so hard to win in the first place. EZLynx Retention Center brings policy renewals into focus, prioritizing retention and standardizing efforts around repeatable best practices.

When it comes to translating relationships into business for your agency, EZLynx Sales Center streamlines the sales process. Forecast, track and manage your sales pipeline with a keen focus on next steps to winning the business and never letting an opportunity fall between the cracks.

Scaling an agency across every facet of the customer experience can seem like a daunting task, but the right tools can make it all possible. Not only can your agency deliver on the day-to-day value insurance shoppers have come to expect, but you can also continue to reinvest in what is most important—relationships. EZLynx immediately positions your agency to work with increased efficiency, supporting the growth of your agency through every phase of the customer life cycle. With EZLynx, the customer experience can be your primary objective, no matter the size of your agency.

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