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The Renaissance of LinkedIn

While it is a business platform, LinkedIn is actually experiencing a renaissance of sorts. It's actually become a hip venue for people looking to share their experiences in business and to network with each other. How can your insurance business use LinkedIn to market, share, and connect? Here are some ideas.

What Is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professional networking. According to Statista, "with an estimated 610 million self-reported users it is one of the most popular social networks in terms of active users." Like other social networks, LinkedIn members connect to other people, post updates on their accounts, share and like other peoples' content, and message other people who are on the site. 

But unlike other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn has a professional focus. For instance, on LinkedIn, your individual profile provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your resume. 

The Renaissance of LinkedIn 

While LinkedIn was founded in 2002, searches for the term are still strong and have doubled in the past ten years, showing consistent growth. There are more than 575 million members on the site. People and businesses that are on LinkedIn tend to be wealthier than the US median, and Hubspot found that when it comes to generating helpful leads, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter. 

And when it comes to B2B connections, the success rate is even higher. This social media networking site is a silent powerhouse, and it's time for your business to take time to explore it to its fullest if you haven't done so already.

Making An Impact On LinkedIn 

Since LinkedIn has become such a powerful social network, how can you make a strong impression on the platform? Pacing yourself is key. According to Review Trackers, "while providers recognize that insurance social media marketing is essential to future growth, many struggle to keep up with the pace and drive real results from their efforts." Here are some tips.

  • Make your profile your showpiece. Focus on having excellent content in your profile, including video content, a professional photo, and links to helpful posts that you've written. List your skills and connect these to your insurance agency – this increases that chance that someone will contact your agency specifically because of these skills. Consider highlighting some of your reviews and testimonials on your profile as well. 

  • Reach out to potential collaborators to network. These could be other compatible businesses in your area, or they might be people who could become your customers. Consider what other kinds of content would be helpful to other businesses and potential clients on LinkedIn. 

  • Be responsive to comments. Comments mean that someone is truly interested in what you have to say. Make sure that you're paying attention. Social media is a conversation, not just a publishing platform.

  • Look at LinkedIn as a way to find new employees. It is quite popular with college students, for instance. Reach out to new generations of prospective employees on this online platform. 

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