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Think You Can’t Blog? Think Again.

Never underestimate the importance of blogging on your insurance agency website.

Blogs are a wonderful way to reach new prospects and turn them into clients. If you have never blogged before, do not be intimidated by the process. Anyone with knowledge in a topic and a basic grasp of grammar can blog.

When searching for topics for your blog posts, think about your clients first. What are some of the questions that they have about insurance products? These questions often turn up as search engine queries. When you provide the answer, your blog post shows up in search engine results and provides value to potential clients. By giving them answers to their questions, you show that you have the expertise and knowledge they are looking for in an insurance agency. Blog post series also provide a wide range of topic ideas. You could, for instance, do a series of five posts about life insurance. Explore the types available, talk about how much insurance an individual needs and discuss how insurance needs change over time. By exploring topics deeply, you will find that you never run out of material.

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