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Time Management Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

Digital marketing has taken the business world by storm. No longer is it enough to get by if you simply advertise through television or print outlets. Innovations in technology have made it possible for consumers to obtain any of the information they wish to acquire with a click of their mouse and active Internet connection. How does a local insurance agency stay afloat? They implement a digital marketing strategy of their own, of course!

Unfortunately, most agencies already have a lot on their plates. It takes significant time and effort to build the top-notch relationships your clients come to your for. However, when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, it doesn’t have to take a ton of time! You can become active in the digital sphere easily when you take advantage of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ or even Pinterest.

We know what you’re thinking: That sure is a lot of different networks, how can I manage that? Similar to your agency’s other goals and strategies, you want to have effective time management when it comes to your social media strategy. There are many time-saving tips and effective ways to get the job done right… in minimal time!

Here are 5 essential tips for effective social media management:

1. Create a plan: Not every agency should be on every single social media network. Think about your audience. Where are your current clients and prospects spending their time? Different social networks have differing audience segmentations. Focus your strategies for each network in a way that targets the right audience, and eliminate networks that don’t speak to your audience at all.

2. Take it one at a time: If you are just starting out, don’t jump into all 6 social networks at once. Focus on becoming effective with one tool at a time. It is better to effectively use one tool than to poorly use all of them at once.

3. Use your voice: Your agency has a certain way that they approach communication with clients. Be sure your social networking reflects that. It will be a lot easier to post content when it feels natural to you.

4. Utilize scheduling features: Whether you use Hootsuite to manage multiple networks at once or you use scheduling features within each individual network (such as Facebook) this is a great way to save time. Try it out weekly and see how it goes!

5. Set a time limit for social media: It can be easy to get lost in your social media efforts. When you start out managing your accounts, give yourself a time limit and stick to it. This will help you stay productive and get things done efficiently. Social media can have immense advantages for your agency, as long as you use it effectively!


About the Author: Daniel W. Post, CIC, is the President of Post Insurance Services and is responsible for all facets of the business from sales, service, marketing, administration and the company’s strategic direction. Although he leads the agency, Post continues to act as a field agent, growing his book of business – specifically in the construction, manufacturing and technology sectors.

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