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Tips for Creating a Flexible Workplace

The evolving work climate includes having flexible work options as an important element of enhanced employee productivity. Today’s workplace environment calls for mobile solutions and incentives that embrace positive work/life balances and strengthen employee morale. Here are a few tips to assist in creating a sustainable program:

  • Have a standard policy: The policy should reflect flexible options for all eligible positions. Make sure all shifts, technology needed for the employees to stay connected, and monitoring procedures are considered.
  • Implement in incremental stages: Start the program in stages to assess how well it is working and determine whether or not there should be changes or additional enhancements to the policy.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Everyone has to work together to keep the lines of communication open. This means employing tools to keep all employees connected and accessible within the current infrastructure.
  • Training is Key: Make sure all management personnel and employees are properly trained to use the system, follow the rules, stay connected and increase productivity. These are just a few tips for implementing a sustainable flexible workplace program.

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