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Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Blog and Website

Blogging can be a great tool for bringing traffic to your company website, as long as you do it right. Posting fresh content on your site can help to improve your rankings within the search engines and hopefully bring more traffic in.


Here are some tips to help you increase your blog traffic and ultimately your website traffic:

  1. Write SEO Appropriate Blogs. This does not mean writing blogs strictly for search engines. Blog posts that are inundated with links or overly saturated with keywords will not provide any benefit to you or your company. A blog that is good for SEO is still a blog that is written for a human audience. a. Do your research. Although flooding your blog with keywords is not the way to go, you do need to pick keywords that will appear within the blog. Make sure you conduct keyword analysis to find which keywords such as “Nevada insurance quotes” would have the greatest effect and how often you should use them.
  2. Use Social Networks. The benefit of having accounts on various networking sites is the ability to interact with and reach a large audience. When you write a new blog make sure you share it with your friends and followers. Post a brief summary on your page with a link to the blog so they can continue reading and end up on your site.
  3. Send an E-mail Blast/Newsletter. Take advantage of your e-mail lists. Send e-mails or newsletters to your clients, customers, and subscribers with a brief look at the blog. You want to write just enough to get their attention and then provide a link so they can read more on your site.
  4. Write About Topics Your Readers are Interested In. Like I said before, you do not want to write just for the search engines, you want to write for your audience – so make sure you explore topics they are interested in. If they find your posts interesting, helpful, or worth reading they are more likely to share them and therefore more likely to help generate more traffic. You may also want to consider using some kind of tracking and analytics software so you can see what sorts of traffic you are getting. Google Analytics is free and provides you with information on the amount of traffic your site and your blog receive, as well as how each visitor arrived at your site, and how long they stayed there.


About the Author: Douglas Dye is the President/CEO of American Best Agency in Southern Nevada. He is an 18-year veteran of the insurance industry and specializes in complex personal lines accounts, including high net worth customers that require a very tailored insurance portfolio.

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