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Today Is Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day—internationally recognized on January 28th. While it may not be celebrated with gifts or fireworks, it does present insurance agencies with an opportunity to review their own information privacy policies and communicate those policies to clients and potential clients.


Why Are Data Privacy Policies Critical to the Insurance Industry?

Most agencies depend upon all different types of leads, and consumers are much more likely to complete lead forms if they are assured that their personal information is only used in a professional manner. In fact, misuse of that personal information may ruin an agency’s credibility and even get them in legal trouble. If a consumer has a bad experience with information on his insurance query form generating lots of spam, he or she is not likely to be eager to trust an insurance company or agency again.

On the other hand, consumers who trust insurers and agencies to protect their information are more likely to turn into clients of a particular agency and the industry in general. When it comes to making every day a data privacy day, we all need to work together. Besides an agent’s ethical obligation to protect a client’s personal information, it is just good business. Of course, the vast majority of insurance agents do abide by high ethical standards and don’t need a reminder. However, agencies can be victims of cybercrime just like other businesses. This is also a good day to review online security for websites, office computers, and mobile devices.



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