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These valuable worksheets, developed by Jon Persky, CPA, CIC, PHR, Owner of Optimum Performance Solutions, are used as part of the CIC Agency Management Institute Curriculum. These tools will not only help you become more efficient and effective, but also provide you with the insight and knowledge to do so.

  • Account Profitability Tool
    Analyze how much time can be spent on an account while achieving desired profitability levels.
  • Writing One Account Tool
    Determine the time it takes to write one account and how many new accounts a producer can realistically write in a year.
  • Income Statement Comparison Tool
    Compare your agency income statement vs. industry standards.
  • Lifetime Value Retention
    Determine the number of calls, appointments and quotes a producer must make to achieve commission and premium goals
  • Producer Goal Setting
    Determine the profit on an account over its lifetime

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