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Top 5 Emerging Risks Agents Should Watch Out For

Beyond the shifts that have occurred because of COVID-19, the business landscape is always continually evolving. Help your clients stay ahead of the risk curve by advising them on strategies to address five emerging risks that touch just about every industry.


1. Availability of Marketplace Capital

Markets have less capital available to insure a risk and are being much more selective around what risks they’ll accept and underwrite – factoring in rates, geographic location, and terms offered. Brokers should be on top of their game when taking clients’ risks to market.

EXAMPLE: Many markets are not underwriting wind insurance currently.


2. Climate Change and Its Impact on Property Losses

Weather-related losses due to events like hurricanes, floods, and hailstorms are causing increases in premiums and deductibles – and potentially a reduction in capacity – and are changing the way brokers service and retain their business.

EXAMPLE: From a property loss standpoint, the five costliest wildfires in history and three of the costliest hurricanes have occurred in the last two years.


3. Cyber Vulnerabilities & Everything We Don’t Understand

The insurance market is driven by technology. And while it’s commonplace for large corporations to purchase cyber protection, many smaller businesses and organizations don’t consider the multiple risks and costs involved with a cyber breach. Agents should push for clients to consider appropriate protection against cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

EXAMPLE: A visitor to a medical clinic steals a laptop containing names, medical records, social security numbers, and insurance information for 5,500 patients.


4. Rising D&O Rates 

Recent “event-driven” litigation has significantly increased the rate of D&O liability insurance, as C-Suite executives want to protect themselves from any workplace allegations. Agents should always stay in tune with current events and counsel their clients appropriately.

EXAMPLES: The #MeToo movement; major cyber breaches.


5. Steady Increase of EPL Claims 

The traditional office has changed dramatically – and so have employment practices liability risks that employers face. The number of EPL claims has increased sharply and for a variety of reasons, including social movements.

EXAMPLE: Employees sue employers for discrimination, harassment, failure to promote, and many other reasons.


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