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Top Technology Trends to Consider

Technology has never changed as fast in history as it does today, and agencies must adapt to be successful. Technology impacts how people do everyday tasks, from scheduling meetings to collaborating on projects. As advancements make completing many of these jobs easier, companies can run more efficiently. Knowing the major trends that experts predict for 2015 can help insurance agencies adapt their plans for the upcoming year.

Here are a few top technology trends to consider for your insurance agency:

Increased mobility

Companies have begun to realize the value of mobility, both of their customers and of their employees. It is becoming increasingly common for agencies to help their employees connect to the internal networks through their own devices, and this is likely to continue in 2015. When employees can communicate with their company no matter where they are, it is easier for projects to continue without interruption and to coordinate activities. Similarly, agencies are recognizing that their customers are becoming more mobile. That means marketing campaigns and websites increasingly reflect this reality. Being mobile friendly will likely be even more essential in 2015.

Increased usage of data and analytics

The Internet has created a minefield of data for companies, but many fail to leverage its potential. Customers' online habits are valuable, such as:

  • Types of sites they visit

  • Times of day they access their accounts

  • What they look at

  • Their current location and environment

They can give companies an extraordinarily accurate picture of who people are and what they seek. While some of the trend setters have begun to apply the potential for this information to their marketing campaigns, most have not yet. In 2015, it is likely that an increasing number of agencies will begin paying attention to big data and analyzing the actions of their page visitors so that they can use the information to create more effective and efficient marketing campaigns. The better agencies can understand their customers, the better they will be able to serve them.

Improved and increased cloud usage

Clouds already make it easy for agencies to work virtually. An increasing number of businesses have recognized the power of the cloud and virtual meetings, as they help to save money and improve communication. It is expected that in 2015 the usage of this type of technology will increase, and the architecture of the platforms will continue to improve to meet client demands. Apps will continue to refine their storage capabilities, intelligently adapting to the client’s needs, allowing people to save money and space. Devices and programs will also improve to make it easier for people to access applications at the same time on a number of different devices. Networking, business meetings, and client consultations will all become easier and cheaper while still being personal thanks to growth in this technology area.

As technology continues to grow and change, so do insurance agencies. These three key areas are expected to offer significant growth in 2015, so agencies of all sizes should carefully consider these ideas and see how they can be added to the organization’s plan for the New Year.

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