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Top Three Digital Trends to Modernize Your Agency

Customers demand fast, efficient, and easy-to-use digital services in every aspect of life, including insurance. And as their agent, you are at the forefront of providing an optimized digital experience. While it can be challenging to know where to start, modernizing your agency is a smart investment.

Here are our top three digital trends to consider when deciding where to start in your modernization journey:


Start by focusing on the customer experience.

For many insurance companies — and customers —an intuitive, easy customer experience is the top priority. Policyholders have lots of options when it comes to their insurance company and agent. It is easy to shop around online, and many consumers consider looking for a new insurer at renewal time.

One way to compete is by offering a simple, customer-friendly interface and digital experience. Consider the end user when designing your workflow and processes. Your digital customer portal should be attractive and optimized for both mobile and desktop users. It should be easy to use but robust enough to accomplish your customer’s basic needs. Hire a professional to help you or design your own site, but be sure to offer a great digital customer experience.


Use analytics to create a data-driven sales culture.

Many different types of businesses use data-driven sales strategies to drive success. Insurance agents and brokers can follow the same strategy. With the proliferation of data available, it is a matter of deciding which information to gather and analyze.

Using data to guide sales can mean a more personalized experience for customers. Imagine knowing when your customers will experience a life-changing event that causes them to shop for insurance. By analyzing the right data, agents can access this information proactively and target customers with personalized sales messaging.


Rely on technology to free time for more personalized activities.

One of the great benefits of digitization journeys is that it frees up time to spend in more valuable ways. Instead of data entry or manual analytical tasks, agents and brokers can spend more time with policyholders and potential customers. They can answer questions, personalize quotes, and discuss coverage options. These activities are all infinitely more valuable to the customer.

Try implementing chatbots to handle routine inquiries and automate communications. A digital customer management system can organize leads, automate follow-up sequences, and provide metrics. Digital customer portals allow policyholders to take advantage of self-service options to pay their bills, print ID cards, report losses, and more. Self-service portals can reduce costs, allow agents to do other tasks while customers help themselves, and can lead to more personalized service through machine learning.


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