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Turning Prospects Into Clients

It is considerably easier to convert an inbound prospect into a client than doing the same with a cold or outbound prospect. However, just because outbound prospects are more of a challenge does not mean they are impossible and not worth your time. When attempting to gain the trust of such a person, be patient. Commitment from potential new clients takes time to cultivate.

First, you have to win their trust, and that can take months. In the end, however, it’s worth it when in return for your investment of time, you have a client for life. One way to foster trust is to offer something of value in each visit or contact with the prospect.

Do not ask for anything. Rather, when he or she asks questions or poses a real or hypothetical conundrum related to your field, offer useful advice and share pertinent news articles on the subject and then follow up to see if your efforts helped.

Most importantly, maintain a conversation with the prospect, in which you appear engaged. If you want to learn more valuable information to help your business succeed, American Agents Alliance can help. Contact us today!

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