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Use Social Media to Convey Your Company’s Culture

Your customers come to you because they need insurance. But why do they choose your insurance agency?

Customers come to your agency for many different reasons. One reason is your company culture. The way your business portrays itself online speaks to your company culture. How can you use social media as part of your insurance marketing and communicate who you are and what you offer your customers?


What Are Customers Looking For In an Insurance Company?

What kind of insurance company are your customers looking for? Your company needs to portray itself online in a way that tells customers you are:

  • Honest: Your customers know that they can count on you to give them the policy they need.
  • Detail-Oriented: You’re on top of everything when it comes to policies and claims.
  • Reliable: You’re always there when your customers need you.
  • Affordable: You make a point of finding the best deal for each customer.

However, each company has a different approach to the business as well. You could be a specialty insurance agency that focuses on the insurance needs of a specific group, such as an auto insurer that understands the needs of those with vintage automobiles. You may pride yourself on being focused on community safety. Whatever your business identity, embrace it online in your interactions on social media.


How Social Media Brands Your Business

Social media is a platform for expressing who you are and what you care about. What you post, how you post it, and how you interact online all brand your business. When you’re on social media, think of your business as a person. What kind of character do you have? Your business beliefs and values are the foundation of your business, and they shape your purpose.

To properly project your image online, you need to be able to explain what kind of agency you are right now. What is your purpose? Yes, you want to sell insurance, but hopefully, you have a mission beyond that as well. If you want to keep families in your community safe or help people find insurance that they understand, you need to transmit these ideas to your online audience.

Social media offers you the opportunity to show how you’re unique in the insurance world. Speak with a consistent tone and values. Don’t be afraid to be different, and you’ll send a strong message to your customers. For example, if you’ve built your business highlighting community insurance success stories, take pride in your unique approach to insurance marketing.


Building Your Insurance Marketing on Social Media

How can you convey a powerful presence to your online readers?

Deliver a consistent message in different ways: You have key messages that you want to send out to your audience. Unlike radio or television advertising where you repeat the same message over and over again, to promote your message online you need to think about ways to send the same message in different ways. For example, if you want to help people find affordable health insurance, you can adopt that as your tagline, but you also want to post success stories and engage with people who comment looking for a solution to their specific insurance needs.

Curate content that reflects your values: Instead of passing along the latest in the insurance industry because you’ve seen it on your social media feed, consider whether that article is consistent with your business image. Seek out content that reinforces your values and purpose.

Be mindful of how you talk with others on social media: Social media isn’t just about sending a message to the world, it’s about replying to the interest that people have in your business. Monitor mentions on Twitter and the conversations on your page and others’ pages on Facebook. Be sure to drop in and reply so that your voice can be one of the voices in that conversation, shaping it and expressing your brand values.

Participate in groups online: Bring your unique voice to the party. Participate in groups such as LinkedIn that allow you to bring your professional opinion and express your point of view.

At American Agents Alliance, we know how important it is for you to communicate who you are as a company. We work with insurance agencies and agents across the nation to help you build your company and your insurance marketing. Contact us today to learn more.

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