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Use The Holiday Season to Market Your Insurance Business

It’s beginning to feel a lot like insurance marketing season. While insurance is far from many peoples’ minds during the busy holiday season, it’s a time for insurance agencies to engage with local and online communities. Use these insurance marketing tips to make the end of your year shine just as brightly as your peak insurance season.


Know That Insurance Marketing is a Long Term Game

It’s unlikely that your insurance clients are going to flock to your door on Christmas Eve seeking new home insurance. They’re busy elsewhere. However, more than at any other time of the year, the holidays are a time to remember that insurance marketing is a long term endeavor. Your goal may not be to sell insurance right now, but the gifts that you give your customers over the holidays could reap returns far into the future.

Focus on building relationships with leads and customers this holiday season:

  • Acknowledge your clients with a card or encourage them to come to your office or visit your website for a gift.
  • Take part in community events such as concerts as a sponsor or assist at the event.
  • Organize a charity drive and improve your community as you increase peoples’ awareness of your business
  • Create helpful information packages, blog posts, or videos to help them through the holidays

Building your community now will pay off in the future when people are looking for new policies or choosing whether or not to continue with your insurance company.


Be Helpful

As Thanksgiving and then Christmas come, everyone can use a helping hand. It’s the focus on helping that can be your best asset in your insurance marketing, especially at this time of the year when many people feel overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on outbound sales, focus on creating marketing strategies that help your customers. This strategy is appropriate for many ages. Baby Boomers value an emphasis on customer service. Millennials don’t want you to sell to them, they want to build a relationship and see what you can offer them.

How can you be more helpful during the winter months?

  • Offer workshops, blog posts, or handouts on winter safety, including road safety.
  • Go on the radio, create a podcast or video, or develop a blog that helps people prepare for winter storms.
  • Create a funny series of written or video clips about amusing holiday disasters and weave in ways that insurance can help.


Be Seasonally-Appropriate

Instead of trying to ignore the season and push forward in your insurance marketing, embrace it.

  • Acknowledge that people are busy this time of the year and focus on how fast and efficient it can be to sign up with your insurance agency.
  • Create discounts that encourage people to purchase insurance early on in the holiday season so that they don’t feel the stress around Christmas.
  • Offer insurance packages such as travel insurance that focus on those who are visiting friends and family for Christmas.

This holiday season, integrate community, family, and the holidays into your insurance marketing.

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