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Using Email Marketing at Your Insurance Agency

Every insurance agency needs to connect with its clients. Yours does as well. When you're looking for tools to help you communicate, Constant Contact could be that tool. What does this popular marketing program do? 

What is Constant Contact? 

You may have guessed that Constant Contact allows you to stay in touch with your insurance clients. Constant Contact began as a tool to help small businesses market in fields that are dominated by large businesses that have large marketing budgets. According to Constant Contact, "Customers get real results through email newsletters, surveys, events, Facebook promotions, online listings" and other web-based marketing strategies.

What Can You Do With Constant Contact? 

Constant Contact is a versatile online tool that has many different uses at your small insurance agency. 

  • It makes it easier to market to your clients by allowing you to customize emails with email editors and custom templates. You can import your contact information from many different sources, including Google and Outlook email accounts. 

  • If you'd like to segment your email lists, Constant Contact allows you to do this. This enables you to send out messages to different types of clients, such as those who purchased auto insurance from you in the last year. Segmentation helps you become more nimble and focused in your online marketing. 

  • You can also send out SMS (text) messages and personalize web content for different audiences.

  • When you're looking for information about your clients, Constant Contact allows you to develop predictive analytics and notifies you of sales with sales alerts.

  • You can also complete documentation such as sales reports and invoices within Constant Contact.

What About Technical Support?
When you work at a small insurance agency, you may not have someone who's dedicated to providing tech support for your business. That makes it particularly important to find marketing and other software programs that provide their own technical support. Constant Contact provides one-on-one expert coaching along with online resources and support to help you succeed in implementing this marketing program.

Could Your Insurance Agency Benefit From a Marketing Program? 

While you might feel like you're too small to really benefit from a marketing program or that you don't really need that kind of marketing to improve your bottom line, any business can benefit from a program like Constant Contact, no matter how small it is. 

For example, with an online marketing program, you can: 

  • Gather information about clients and use it to refine your marketing campaigns 

  • Target your marketing to more specific audiences.

  • Follow up immediately and automatically with clients who are interested in certain insurance information. 

  • Understand where your sales are coming from and when. 

  • Host events such as insurance seminars. According to, "Constant Contact makes it easy for businesses that host events with its event registration tool."

  • Automate some of your social media and email posting. 

  • Import lists from multiple sources so that you have a single, integrated email list instead of multiple lists on different peoples' computers. 

At American Agents Alliance, we want to help you connect with your clients. Are you ready to improve your communication? Talk with us about our many membership benefits, including a savings of up to 25 percent on Constant Contact.

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