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Using Video to Promote Your Agency

Online videos represent a huge opportunity for insurance companies to market themselves and connect with their clients. There are an estimated 100 million Internet users watching online videos each day, which means that the potential viewership is very high. When it comes to videos that are embedded into the company website, the potential for the videos to influence visitors’ decisions soars. An estimated 80 percent of internet users say that they watched a video on a website recently, and nearly half, 46 percent, took some action after viewing an ad. Professionals use videos for a wide range of purposes, from giving a company introduction, to demonstrating a service, to customer testimonials, to tutorials. The options for using this platform are endless. Videos continue to grow into one of the most significant types of internet marketing, and all insurance companies should understand how to take advantage of this market.


Making a Video

A video, like other types of marketing content, needs to be done well to have the desired effect. Videos are powerful. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a one-minute video has the potential to match the value of 1.8 million words, so always take the time to do it right. Keep these pointers in mind to make a successful video. Keep it short Clients and page visitors tend to start to disengage from a video after just a few moments. About 20 percent will click away within 10 seconds, another third by 30 seconds, and nearly half by 1 minute. Capture the attention of the viewers quickly, make the point, and wrap it up. It is best to keep it under 30 seconds to 1 minute whenever possible. Engage the audience Do not make the video dry and boring. Instead, imagine having a personal conversation with the audience. Add humor where appropriate, be engaging, and use the video as a way to connect with the audience. Make sure it is good quality A video that has poor audio, poor lighting, or a shaking camera is not going to do the insurance company any good. Take the time and energy necessary to produce the video correctly, and then the company will start to successfully attract customers.


Different Video Platforms to Use

One of the most common places to find videos is on the company website. It is best for conversion rates to have the videos appear as a thumbnail on the main page that customers can recognize and click on if they choose. Having the video take up the screen can actually hurt conversion rates because clients do not feel as though they have a choice about whether or not to watch the video. YouTube still rules as the most popular video channel available. Many business professionals report that they search YouTube for business-related videos and tutorials. Vimeo, Instagram, and Vine are also options that are quickly becoming more popular. No matter where the video appears, however, it is critical to upholding high standards of professional appearance. Creating videos can be an excellent option to start developing marketing content to attract more clients and build a more personal relationship with page visitors. Take the time to develop a quality video and insurance companies should find them very valuable.



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