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Video Marketing for Social Media and Your Website

Do people actually read articles on the Internet? Since you are taking the time to read this post about video marketing, it might appear that they do. Most content strategists actually suggest combining different forms of content on websites and social media pages for the best coverage of all types of clients. Video, articles, and graphics might all be part of the mix. This also gives website owners a chance to test different kinds of content in order to learn what produces the best results.


Why Should Insurance Agencies Invest in Video Marketing?

It is important to remember that video marketing has become an increasingly important part of online marketing, and these statistics might help explain why:

  • Video has been tested to increase service understanding by 74 percent.
  • YouTube’s search engine is only second to Google’s search engine in popularity.
  • Surprisingly, older adults up to middle age are just as likely to watch videos online as teens and young adults.

Consumers don’t always understand insurance very well. Your potential clients might not have any idea why your agency can provide better prices, coverage, or service than your competitor or the large company that they see advertised on television every night. Since videos help Internet users understand services, it only makes sense to produce a video that will convey your agency’s message very well.


How to Produce Internet Videos

These days anybody with a smartphone can make a video. However, insurance agencies should take care to have their professional image reflected in any content they put their name on. Insurance agents who don’t care to take the time to produce their own videos can find a number of freelancers to help them. These Internet movie producers may offer surprisingly affordable services. Agents might look online or even ask at a local college for the right individual or business to do the job.


Where to Use Insurance Marketing Videos

One advantage of video over text content is that it can get reused. While it is usually important to have unique text on web pages, one video might get uploaded to YouTube, the agency’s own website, and any number of social media outlets. There are even a couple of expanding social media networks that focus on video instead of text such as Instagram and Vine. Also, videos that rank well in YouTube’s search engine also tend to rank well in Google’s search engine. In fact, the very reason that some online businesses make heavy use of video content is simply because it tends to rank well when distributed correctly. Besides, YouTube is a popular social site on its own and well integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks. Popular videos can go viral and attract thousands of views. The only gateway into YouTube is with a video. For any insurance agency with an online presence, video marketing for social media and your website presents the opportunity to help more people understand how they can benefit from your insurance services. They help increase people’s understanding of a particular service and also help get the message in front of more people.

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