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Watching Your Twitter Etiquette

Insurance agents surely know the importance of good manners when dealing with a diverse set of clients. It is really important to remember that a lapse in manners can do damage even faster online. As you are working to network and grow your business through Twitter, one of the largest social networking websites, remember a few tips to make sure you stay a respected member of the online community.


Carefully Select Content

As a representative of an insurance agency, you should know to treat each piece of online content as if every client or prospective client that you could ever have might see it. Of course, they can see it. They can also share it and respond to it. Most representatives of agencies exercise caution before posting anything that might provoke strong emotions. This should be common sense, but it can get tempting to make posts that will get noticed because the environment is so competitive.


Don’t Share Too Often or Not Often Enough

It is important to post consistently. However, it is also very possible to wear out your welcome in a follower’s feed if you post too often. Of course, this is particularly true if your quality suffers. Unless you have the chance to enjoy breakfast with a rock star or important political figures, nobody cares how good the donuts are. That is, nobody cares unless you manage to tag the donut shop for some extra visibility. In that case, the shop’s social media manager might return the favor by tagging you back.


Don’t Overdo Self Promotion

Everybody expects some self-promotion on Twitter. However, your followers are likely to tune you out or even unfollow you if you never post about anything but yourself and your own agency. Share interesting items about your community or news items relevant to your business sometimes, so your business appears to be an engaged and helpful resource.


Get Social with the American Agents Alliance

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