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Ways to Build a Stronger Online Community

You have already built an online community, but how can you make it stronger? As the owner of an insurance agency, your customers rely on your products for protection. They trust you to understand their needs. Rather than always focusing on turning a like or follow into a sale, you should learn to relate to your customers in a more humanized way. Creating authenticity in your messages is one of the best ways to begin engaging your community in a more effective way.

Here are some tips to appreciate and understand your audience in order to create a stronger community and strategy:

  • Continue to establish your insurance agency on social media so you can connect directly to your customers. Doing so allows you to have active, real-time conversations by sharing updates and addressing customer concerns.

  • Remember to always listen to your community on social media and respond immediately and in the right way. Also, ask feedback through surveys and emails so you can take the opportunity to always improve for your customers.

  • You don’t have to stay online all the time to strengthen your community. Invite your customers, partners, and others into your office one day to show your appreciation. Offering prizes, discounts, and more can really get people talking and help you continue to create loyalty.

  • Reorganize your strategy by researching and learning exactly where your core demographics lie to create your target audience.

  • Give your customers a role and voice in the direction of your agency to help create a sense of community.

  • Get your entire team on board with the new strategy. Having everyone serve customers honestly and in a committed fashion can help customers rally around your agency.

By recognizing and appreciating your community more, you can watch the loyalty and communication grow. In addition, the openness will encourage them to visit your online community more frequently and tell others to do so too. Become an influence on social media, and you can forge stronger partnerships and services for the future!

About the Author: The Putnam Agency was founded in 1981 in New York and now has four locations throughout the state. The insurance agency specializes in personal and business insurance lines.

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