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Ways to Use Social Media for Insurance Lead Generation

Social media is everywhere today, so it’s no surprise that it is a great way to generate insurance leads. But you may be wondering how exactly to use social media for lead generation.

We’ll break it down in this handy guide and explain new ways to generate leads using social media and other lead generation programs.

Read on for more information and links to exclusive lead generation programs to help grow your business.

Ways to Use Social Media for Insurance Lead Generation

Social media continues to grow and shape our world in many ways, and it’s not just fun and games. Business is being done over social media more and more and insurance is no different. Pew Research Center confirms social media use is growing over all age demographics – your potential customers and leads are on social media.

Social Media Use by Age

Investing in social media to generate insurance leads is a smart idea, given the prevalence of potential customers that are online every day.


Have you joined the club yet? Clubhouse is a newer social media platform that has lots of people talking. It is an audio chatroom where anyone can join discussions and listen to people talk about curated topics of interest. There are plenty of rooms focused on insurance with thought leaders, agents, attorneys, writers, and start-up leaders engaging on topics about risk and insurance.

It is also an invite-only platform, so you have to connect with someone already on Clubhouse to join – this makes it feel more exclusive and exciting to become a member. Spoiler alert, it is not hard to find someone with an invite – a query to your network will likely result in more than one invite for you to join.

Once you’re in the club you can listen, comment, or start your own room – it’s like an informal podcast and its unscripted nature makes it fun as well as educational. It is a new and different way to build your network and grow leads.


Pew Research Center’s 2021 poll showed 81% of US adults say they have used YouTube, and it is a growing platform. This is great news for insurance agents for several reasons – YouTube is easy to use, there is barely any learning curve, and there is no barrier to entry. Your smartphone is all the equipment you need to start, although you may want to invest in a ring light and microphone to look and sound your best.

Videos are a good way for insurance agents to engage with their potential customers and provide education. You can establish yourself as a resource and as an expert in your niche by posting informative and helpful videos on your YouTube channel.


TikTok is a growing channel and is popular for its quick viral videos. TikToks are short, so it is not the place to get into long explanations about anything, let alone insurance. But it is a great channel to catch people’s eye – music, catchy videos with movement, and animated graphics all drive the algorithm to push your content out.

Once you have a potential lead’s attention you can direct them to click the link in your bio, which leads to your website, YouTube channel, or other social media site where you can spend more time with them to convert them to a customer.


You can use LinkedIn for more than just expanding your network, although that is a sound use of the platform. Posting informative blog posts to LinkedIn can expand your reach – lots of people engage with, share, like, and comment on discussion posts. Use consistent hashtags and tag people who might contribute to your post, which allows more people to see your message.

LinkedIn recently made changes to their platform and now anyone can be a content creator. Going into Creator Mode does a few things for your profile – it shifts your connections to followers, adds hashtags to your profile of things you usually discuss, and highlights your content differently on your profile. The intention is to gain followers and share content more broadly – both goals that can increase lead generation.


Facebook groups can be a good way to generate leads. Spend time joining groups related to your niche and comment, like, and engage the group first. Once you have become active in the group, say after a few weeks of engagement and giving back to the group, you could begin offering education in your posts and tie your comments back to how you can help. Position yourself as a helpful and approachable resource and let the leads come to you.

Lead Generation Programs

In addition to these social media ideas, sometimes you want to engage with a lead generation program to guarantee a certain number of active leads each month.

But there are a lot of lead generation programs out there, and not all are created equally. It can be overwhelming trying to find the best source of leads once you have decided to go with a lead generation program, but we’ve done the research for you and have vetted and highly rated exclusive lead generation programs for your consideration.

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