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Welcoming New Insurance Clients

When insurance agents finally secure a client’s business, they often immediately move on to the next lead in an effort to keep the sales cycle flowing. However, taking the time to properly welcome new clients not only solidifies your relationship with them, but it can also lead to more sales too. One way to immediately establish a great relationship is by providing a comprehensive welcome package. Here are a few tips for welcoming new insurance clients and how they can help you increase your business:


Policy Offerings

Include a short, one-page sheet that lists all of the different policies that your office provides. Most clients have multiple insurance needs that they have been putting off and a policy sheet can foster a discussion that may lead to an instant sale. Don’t just stick with general categories of property, automobile, health and life insurance. Consider breaking these down further into categories that people can actually relate to. For example, mention that you offer boat and water craft insurance, or that you offer short term health insurance for gaps in coverage.


Referral Program Information

Another important part of a welcome package is information on your referral program. Include a one-page list of how the referral benefits the client and the person that they refer. Don’t forget to include multiple business cards that clients can give out when they recommend you.



You should also include photos and bios of each staff member at your agency. This even includes the secretarial and receptionist staff, as your clients will interact with them just as much as with you. When clients put a face with a name, the relationship takes on a personal touch.


Contact Information

Providing a sheet that contains the address, phone numbers, email addresses and hours of operation is critical. However, don’t stop there. The contact information page should also include your website and all the social media sites that you use. Encourage clients to utilize these tools to keep up to date with posts regarding insurance coverage needs.


Thank You Gifts

Every insurance agent must remember to thank clients for their business. This is particularly important for new clients, as they haven’t yet formed a bond with you and can easily take their business elsewhere. Consider giving out something useful, like a branded thumb drive, a mini mouse for tablets or a stylus pen.

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