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What are the Most Common Cybersecurity Breaches?

Cybersecurity: it sounds intimidating and specialized. Many people don’t know how to start protecting themselves from the countless threats that exist in the online world. You can help defend your insurance agency against cyberattacks by learning more about the most common types of breaches. This allows you to not only train your staff but also to ensure that you have the ability to recognize when a breach has occurred.


Phishing Scams 

Phishing is a strategy that is used to get you to install something unpleasant on your computer system. It’s a prompt such as an email that contains a link or attachment. This often goes to a very legitimate-looking website. You need to educate your users and let them know that they must confirm that a company has sent them this link or attachment if it’s not expected. Phishing scams are often a way to install malware, but they are also a way to get you to enter information such as passwords.


Malware Attacks

Alert! Your computer is at risk. Have you ever seen an alert such as a pop-up, or have you gotten a slightly odd email message that you didn’t expect? That could have been a prompt to install malware. According to Rapid 7, malware “…often requires the user to take an action to install the malware. This can include clicking a link to download a file, or opening an attachment that may look harmless.” Malware can collect information from your computer or keyboard, and it can even take control of your machine.


Cross-Site Scripting 

Your own website could be used as a weapon in a cross-site scripting attack. Cross-site scripting places code on your website. Site visitors may become victims and their information could be at risk. This kind of threat is often invisible to you and to those who use your website, and it’s only evident after your clients have their information stolen.

You’ll need to work with your web developer to ensure that precautions against cross-site scripting are taken. For example, according to WordFence, “Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities are the most common vulnerability found in WordPress plugins by a significant margin.” Developers should be aware of these vulnerabilities and work to make your site less vulnerable.


SQL Attack 

A long time ago, websites were very basic. However, over time, websites “…changed and started storing user input and site content in databases,” according to Netsparker. Because the sites are full of useful, exploitable data, the websites are attractive to hackers.

An SQL attack goes after your web server. If you store information about your clients on your website, this attack could force your server to give it that information. This could give hackers access to things like usernames and passwords.

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