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What Are Your Key Marketing Questions?

Who, what, when, why, and how? Your insurance business aims to answer all of these questions in your insurance marketing, but do you really understand the questions? As you work to build your plans for new marketing strategies, prepare to refine your questions so that you can get the right information to inform your clients.

1. Who Are Your Target Audiences?

You know about the products you sell, but insurance marketing is a transaction between purchaser and product. You need to thoroughly understand those who buy your insurance, and you also need to know that there are many diverse people who make up your insurance audience. Ask questions about your customers and create buyer personas so that you know who to target in your insurance marketing. Track the pathways of those who come to your site so that you understand who's looking at what information, and provide your customers with plenty of opportunities to opt into getting further information about your products.

2. How Does My Marketing Work for These Customers?

Do you really know how your marketing is working for your customers? To do this, you need to track data about each marketing strategy and gather metrics about each marketing strategy, such as:

  • How many people does it attract to your website?

  • How long do those leads stay on your site?

  • What do they do when they are there?

  • How do they engage with free products or with employees?

  • Do they end up making a purchase?

  • How often do they become repeat customers?

3. What Are the Key Connection Points For Your Leads?

From the information you collect, you need to understand the key connection points for different groups of leads. This allows you to refine your sales funnel for each buyer. For instance, if you notice that a video link on social media draws in many new leads to your auto insurance page, but that customers then move through a text-only funnel that seems to lose a lot of your leads, you could see if adding video in strategic parts of your sales funnel continues to engage those who came to you through your social media video clip. Find those key points of engagement and use them to develop a connection with your leads.

4. How Do You Develop Trust With Your Leads and Customers?

Marketing isn't just about making one sale – it's about creating a brand and developing a relationship of trust between you and your site's visitors. Examine your content and look at how it works together to build your brand. What content do your readers sign up for, share with others, and engage with through online conversation? When your content encourages customers to engage further or share it with others, this shows that you're actively building a relationship with your customers.

5. What Makes Your Brand Different?

Some branding is branding that you design. You strategically promote yourself as an agency that supports local sports teams or one that provides affordable auto insurance for seniors. You're hip or you're traditional, but you're uniquely you. As you strive to build your brand, look at how others perceive your business in your community. Why do they seek you out, and what reputation do you have? You'll see how well your intentional branding translates to your audience, and you'll also see what you need to change or build on to develop your brand in the community.

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