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What Is a Backlink and How Can You Use It to Develop Your Insurance Business?

There are so many variables in the world of online insurance marketing. From the wording you use on your website to the way that you coordinate your social media accounts, you need to be on top of online and marketing trends. As you develop your website content, one way that you can strengthen your search engine ranking is through backlinks. What is a backlink, and how can it make your online presence stronger?


What Is a Backlink? 

In any business, connections are important. Interpersonal connections help build your business, and so do connections that happen through your website. Backlinks are one example of this kind of online connection.

A backlink is a link that your website has to another website. Another website could link to you, or you could link to that other website. For instance, if there’s an online article about the best companies in your town and you win in the insurance category, the article would link to your website.


Why Are Backlinks Meaningful to Your Website? 

Why are backlinks important? The most obvious reason is that they send people to your website. When people hear that you’re the best insurance agency in town, if they’re looking for insurance, it’s quite possible that they will click through to your website and check out your insurance options.

However, there’s a more complex reason that backlinks are important. To search engines, connections between websites add to your standing online. According to WordPress Beginner, “a web page linked by many other web pages on similar topics is considered more respectable and valuable.”


How Can You Gain Backlinks? 

While some people have engaged in practices such as buying backlinks, this type of linking isn’t natural, and search engines can tell if there are a lot of strange backlinks to your website. Good backlinks should “help search bots to crawl your site and rank it correctly to its content,” according to Site Checker. 

The quality of backlinks is important. Think of quality as a way of adding points to your backlink. If a random website that your friends own links to your website, this might not bring as much weight to the link as a link from an insurance magazine.

Focus on connecting with websites that have strong traffic and relevance to your business. This allows you to receive high-quality links.


Keeping Your Website Links Functioning 

Once you have a selection of links to your site, you need to keep those links functioning. Here’s how you can make sure that your backlinks continue to work in the future.

  • Keep your website clean and functioning well. Check regularly for pages that don’t work. That way, your existing backlinks will continue to function, send people to your website, and increase your search engine ranking.
  • Create a simple architecture for your website. It should be easy to navigate. This helps it rank well and helps ensure that backlinks work over time.
  • A backlink is only one part of a larger overall plan to make sure that your website rises in the search rankings. Create value for people once they get to your website. People want to backlink to a website that has valuable content.


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