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What is Position Zero – And How Do You Get There?

What is Position Zero? 

Position Zero is also called a Featured Snippet in Google. With voice search on devices like Apple and Google Home becoming more common, the featured snippet has literally risen to the top. If you talk to a device and ask it a question on Google, the answer is the featured snippet.

This snippet is in the most powerful location in a client’s search results. By placing it in position zero, Google is essentially telling people that this single answer is the best answer to an individual’s question. Being in Position Zero gives your content “a 2X higher click-through rate,” compared to spot number one, according to Hubspot.


People Also Ask 

While you may not have the featured snippet for a specific question, below that snippet is another area called “people also ask.” For instance, if the featured snippet is about “how to find cheap auto insurance,” then people may also ask “what kind of auto insurance do I need?” You can strive to end up in this category as well.


How To Get To Position Zero 

If position zero is winning the internet, how do you get into that final round? You can’t pay to get into this spot. You need to work to get there. Thankfully for smaller companies, getting to position zero is all about organic search results, not about the marketing money.

To get to position zero, you need to do the following:

  • Think about voice search. According to Neil Patel, “the semantic relevance to the keyword in question, along with clear page structure seems to be much more important” than any other part of your SEO when you’re striving for the featured snippet. A featured snippet is the answer to a voice search. When people are asking questions to you verbally, what do they ask and how do they ask the question?
  • Consider how your content answers a question. There are many high-impact, content-heavy, thoughtful blogs out there. Many of them do not answer a question directly. However, if you want to drive traffic to your website using a featured snippet, then answering a question is the way to go. Featured snippets provide concrete answers.
  • Make your content easy to search and easy to use as part of an answer. This means that your content should feature clear headings, bold lists, and other text.
  • Getting more backlinks doesn’t appear to be the key to getting into the featured snippet. While backlinks to your content are important, the relevance of your actual words to the questions that people ask is most important when you want to get into position zero.

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