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What Questions Should You Answer in Your Insurance FAQ?

Does your insurance agency website have an FAQ? Creating a Frequently Asked Questions page can help you manage the flow of questions into your insurance business. Your insurance agents job description gets easier when you’re not juggling emails with the same question over and over again. What questions should you place in that FAQ to make it optimal for your business and your customers?


Include Those Questions That People Actually Ask

Your FAQ should be for Frequently Asked Questions, and these questions often serve the role of gatekeeper to your business. For example, if someone is looking for auto insurance and you don’t provide auto insurance, it’s best if they contact the auto insurance agency down the block rather than giving you a call. Providing some of this basic information helps people decide whether they should pursue a connection with your insurance agency.

However, you also want people to connect with your agency, and that means that you need to frame your FAQ as an invitation. If many people ask whether you can help them find the most affordable home insurance, your FAQ can provide some of the answers, but each customer’s situation is unique. Be sure to invite your customers to connect with you through live customer support, an automatic quote, an email contact form, or a phone number so that you can draw them into your business with your FAQ rather than providing information that might lead them to go elsewhere.


Add Keywords To Your FAQ

Your customers ask you questions in different ways. Some of those questions are email or phone questions, but others are the keywords that they use to find your business. If you see that many of your leads are getting to your site with the keywords “life insurance new baby” but few of them are actually calling with that question, create a FAQ answer for them to find. They may be too busy to pick up the phone, but they want to know how your agency can support them as new parents seeking insurance. Questions and words that people use to find your site are just as valid as questions that people pose on social media, through your contact form, or in person.


Include Those Questions You Wish People Would Ask

There are questions that people ask up front, and then there are the questions you wish that people will ask. For example, how can your insurance business help them stay safe at home? If your insurance agency has amazing resources or expertise in a specific area, don’t be afraid to highlight this in your FAQ, even if it’s not something that people ask about right away. If you’ve put a lot of effort into blogging or you have a free home safety seminar or information package, be sure to mention these value-added elements in your FAQ. They’re what distinguish you from others in your field.

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